P#30: The Beauty of Nature Captured in a Dragonfly Photo

This dragonfly photo shows us just how beautiful and intricate nature can be

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Is the subject in this dragonfly photo smiling for the camera? It would seem so. Kathleen Clemons explains how this unexpected guest turned out to be the star of the day...

Not Quite a Monarch

Kathleen Clemons: This dragonfly photo was actually a happy accident. I was in my garden shooting monarch butterflies and trying to catch one in flight, which is a new goal I have, and I'm not being very successful at it. I have a butterfly bush and there were monarchs around. It was the first time that I had ever heard butterfly wings, which is just a wonderful thing, swirling all around.

In this lovely butterfly wing sound came something that sounded more like a helicopter on my head. It was this huge dragonfly which flew past me and landed on my sedum. It had gold wings. It was just a beautiful little creature and so I went over and photographed it. It stayed a couple of hours. (click the image for a larger version)

I took 300 shots of it with various lenses. This particular shot was taken with the Lensbaby. I had the macro kit on. I believe this was probably +4, so it was just inches away and he was very patient and appears to be smiling for the photo. It was just a wonderful experience. I was so pleased that I hadn't missed his arrival.

In Closing

An unexpected guest made for the perfect subject in this shot. While Kathleen was trying to capture monarchs in flight, the dragonfly turned out to be the true star of the day. Out of 300 shots taken of the creature, Kathleen feels this dragonfly photo was one of the best.

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