Podcast #6: Fireworks, Twilight and Night Photography: Photographing Fireworks, Lightning and the Moon -- An Interview with Jim Zuckerman

Just in time for July 4th: Jim Zuckerman Answers 7 Questions About Night Photography With a Focus on Photographing Fireworks, Lightning and the Moon

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Would you like to capture the beauty of firework displays and lightning -- and other night photography? Have you been frustrated with the results? And have you ever tried taking a picture of the moon, but found that all you got was a white disk?

If so, you're in for a real treat. Discover how to solve these problems -- and much more -- as Jim Zuckerman answers 7 of the biggest questions about fireworks, twilight and night photography.

These questions were chosen from hundreds that were submitted by thousands of our subscribers

We asked our subscribers what questions they'd like to ask Jim Zuckerman, whose terrific night photography has been featured in countless books and magazines. We chose seven out of the hundreds that were submitted. We tried to choose the questions that most of our listeners would like to hear the answers to.

Since the 4th of July Is coming up, we focus part of this interview on capturing fireworks. Jim reveals...

• Why a meter is almost useless when it comes to photographing fireworks.

• The biggest mistake people make that can ruin fireworks photos.

• Which exposure settings to use to get perfect fireworks photographs.

• An accessory you absolutely must use if you want to capture fireworks.

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