Podcast #4: Stock Photography: An Interview With Scott Stulberg

Scott Stulberg answers the 7 biggest questions about how to start earning money with stock photography

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Ever thought you could make your fortune in stock photography? Do you think you're good enough? Do you have any idea how to get started? Listen to master photographer, Scott Stulberg, as he answers seven of your biggest questions about stock photography.

Scott's expert answers will teach you what stock photography is, give you insight into whether or not your photos are good enough to sell to the best stock photography agencies, and he'll instruct you on the nuts and bolts of how to earn money by selling your photographs as stock. He'll demystify the process and show you how to become a successful stock photographer.

How we picked the 7 stock questions to answer...

Selecting the questions about earning money with stock photography

We asked our subscribers what their single biggest question would be for a stock photographer who is represented by the top stock photography agencies. In response, we received many interesting, important questions. Scott Stulberg and I picked seven of the best ones, and we focus on them in this interview.

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